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I handmade this headband out of an entire pocket watch and a few pearls for decoration.

exploded vintage pocket watch and freshwater pearl side tiara

  • Utterly unique and one of my favourite creations. I have made this tiara using all the contents of a broken, vintage pocket watch and a few genuine pearls for decoration.

    Bring your own style and the beauty of steampunk into your wedding with this lovely headpiece. This headband is a real talking point.

    This is one of those designs you can look at forever to see all the beautiful little details and all the unique watch elements.

    This tiara band is 3mm wide and will fit most head sizes, I have one (I have a large head) and my little cousin has one too, they fit us both. 

    This tiara has been made with the utmost care as I would not settle for anything but the best and I would not expect you to

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